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#WeekendGoals Memorial Day Weekend edition

Alot of us have a looooong holiday weekend which means I hope you’ll have a chance to get some stuff done at home OR a chance to chill. Whatever you end up doing, share your #WeekendGoals here! Also, for women of color entrepreneurs, make sure you join my cowork and create group, #GoalsOnSunday #GoalSetting #coworkandcreate #MemorialDayWeekend

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Watch “What I LOVE about my new collection from The Happy Planner!” on YouTube

Of course this collection dropped last fall, but here she explains all about it. I got the Plan A Happy Life planner when I got the book but I didn’t realize all of other accessories that were available with it plus there’s also a Plan A Happy Life journal. Check it all out here! #plannerbookclub #PlanAHappyLife

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Write It Down Wednesday

WriteItDownWednesday As we plan our lives, what are you taking the time to write down today? Are you feverishly sending emails, are you old school and writing letters or cards to people, are you updating your planner or journal, or are you utilizing your creative side and writing a book or poetry, are you creating or checking off a to do list, or are you writing down that recipe you saw in a magazine? Whatever you are writing, documenting things in writing, helps us remember them. Please share. #HappyWriting #coworkandcreate #blackgirlhappyplanner #planning #writing

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To Do List Tuesday

It’s #ToDoListTuesday, share one thing from your list that has to get done this week! I have scheduled time to do my taxes this week. Let’s see if it happens! LOL. Join my accountability Facebook group at, focused on women of color entrepreneurs and creatives #coworkandcreate #blackgirlhappyplanner

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January Planning Moments In Review

Peek at the week with Reminder Binder checklists
Substitute teacher life. Markers and colored pencils
Happy Planner Journal Tracker
Powersheets January Month In Review and Reflection
Powersheets Tending List, planning ahead for February
January Memory Planner layout
Project planning in the Savor Planner. Projects and checklists.
Goals and Projects galore for 2021
Scripture from my Mary Martha Facebook group. I only got to document one day. I’ll do better in February
52 week lists. Week 1
Weekly planning in Savor Planner
About that substitute life!
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December Monthly Layout. Happy Planner Memory Keeper

I just recently started using the Happy Planner Memory Keeping so my pages are not as fancy, have to step my game up for 2021, but here’s my December month pages. Wanted to share before the month is over. #blackgirlhappyplanner

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Black Owned Stationery Businesses You Should Know | SHOPPE BLACK

As we prep for 2021, keep in mind, #blackowned stationery and planner businesses. Check out this handy list. #SmallBusiness #holidays #prepforthenewyear

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daily writing planner

Recently, I made the commitment to focus on my writing, especially for the rest of 2020. Since this pandemic has been so stressful on us, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time. I found this Daily Writing Planner on

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Summer of Planning

2020 has afforded me the opportunity to slow down, reassess, review, and most importantly, write things down! This is a photo of all my planners. As a writer, one would think that journaling would have already been a habit for me, but it was not. I have not journaled in years. But since the pandemic, and since discovering @staciapierce #successjournals #blackownedbusinesses , I started journaling again AND planning! I’ve always been a sucker for planners but now I’m doing it way more strategically. I’ve also become a new fan of #90dayplans. I recently started using the @racheal.cook #CEOPlanner, the @savorlifeplanner #selfcare planner, the @cultivatewhatmatters #powersheets, the @contentcreatorsplanner for my social media, looking forward to the @planathon this fall with @ambermccue and I’m officially a @the_happy_planner addict, I have one for startup business, freelance projects, budget, online courses, 3 for writing stuff, calendar, etc. Yes it seems like a lot, but this system has actually helped me out a lot this year. It helps put everything in perspective. Oh and I can’t forget to shoutout the @Trello #ProjectManagement app and website, it’s awesome! #Busybee #PandemicEntrepreneur #Organized #HappyPlanner #freelancebiz #authorbusiness #poet #bookprojects #nonfictionbooks #blogger #podcast

Summer of Planning
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Join Me for Shut Up & Write! Virtual Events

Join the #HostessWithTheMostest as I kick off my @shutupwrite #VirtualEvents, TONIGHT, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND AT 6:30PM EST. And the best part, it’s FREE! Be sure to RSVP at @Meetup using the link below (to get access to the Zoom info). Bring your snacks, bring a cocktail, but most importantly, bring your writing project (book, poetry, blog, dissertation, letter to your grandma, whatever!) #shutupandwrite
#writing #communityofwriters #virtualwritinghour
Check out this Meetup with Shut Up & Write!® Online Events

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Creating A Photo Legacy

I’m excited. I recently signed up for a “5 day photo legacy challenge”, a workshop being taught by expert librarian and genealogist Taneya Koonce. The first assignment was to create goals for your digital photo organization.

I’m attaching a photo of my goal setting worksheet along with a legible list of the goals here:

WHO? Myself, My older relatives, My cousins, and any future family members
WHAT? Photos will be organized finally and easy to access
WHERE? Shutterfly, Photo Albums, Storage containers, smartphone, scrapbooks
WHEN? Right now, I schedule Sundays as the day set aside to work on photos
WHY? Because I don’t want to keep putting this off before it’s too late, the elders of the family are getting older, 2020 has allotted me with lots of time on my hands so there’s no excuse, and before I start forgetting info

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Welcome to black girl happy planner! Planners, Organization, Fitness, and Fun

Who me? Organized? If you saw my place, you might think otherwise, but I try. You know: work, grocery shopping, tidying up, paying bills, remembering appointments and so on. Fortunately, No one person can get everything done at once but all we can do is create systems that help our days and weeks run more smoothly.

Welcome to black girl happy planner! I wanted to launch this new blog for several reasons. 1) I realized that with all that 2020 has presented to me so far, I needed to create a happy space to get through this, and 2) To help channel my recent obsession with planners! I hope to share new products, planner reviews, and random fun photos, articles I’ve run across, and activities going on in my life, especially my fitness, health and wellness journey.

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you will follow and continue to support black girl happy planner!

Sincerely, Kellea (ivywriter)