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#WeekendGoals Memorial Day Weekend edition

Alot of us have a looooong holiday weekend which means I hope you’ll have a chance to get some stuff done at home OR a chance to chill. Whatever you end up doing, share your #WeekendGoals here! Also, for women of color entrepreneurs, make sure you join my cowork and create group, #GoalsOnSunday #GoalSetting #coworkandcreate #MemorialDayWeekend

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To Do List

It’s #ToDoListTuesday, share one thing from your list that has to get done this week! I have scheduled time to do my taxes this week. Let’s see if it happens! LOL. Join my accountability Facebook group at, focused on women of color entrepreneurs and creatives #coworkandcreate #blackgirlhappyplanner

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Write It Down Wednesday

WriteItDownWednesday As we plan our lives, what are you taking the time to write down today? Are you feverishly sending emails, are you old school and writing letters or cards to people, are you updating your planner or journal, or are you utilizing your creative side and writing a book or poetry, are you creating or checking off a to do list, or are you writing down that recipe you saw in a magazine? Whatever you are writing, documenting things in writing, helps us remember them. Please share. #HappyWriting #coworkandcreate #blackgirlhappyplanner #planning #writing

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Goals On Sunday: Please Share

This week my goals include the following:

Batch content for my blog and podcast

Organize my spring/summer clothes

Go to Planet Fitness at least twice

How about you? Please share your goals in the comments or join my Facebook accountability group for women of color entrepreneurs at