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Keeping Up with Our Memories

How do you keep track of all of the things you do on a daily basis? Please share below. 
The world has us all super busy right! Many of us can’t remember what we ate for dinner last night let alone what we watched or ready last week. I am trying to work on that for myself. One of my big goals for 2023 is to create my own process for memory keeping the day to day activities, specifically what I’m watching, eating, reading, doing, etc (or as I like to call W.E.R.D.).  That’s why I created a blog called “Currently Scrapbooking” as a way to keep track of these things. I’m hoping it will help to hold me accountable to not only myself but to my audience as well as allow me to share some of the things that you might also want to try like the books I’m reading, the podcasts I’m listening to, and more.  Check out my blog here:

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