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Creating A Photo Legacy

I’m excited. I recently signed up for a “5 day photo legacy challenge”, a workshop being taught by expert librarian and genealogist Taneya Koonce. The first assignment was to create goals for your digital photo organization.

I’m attaching a photo of my goal setting worksheet along with a legible list of the goals here:

WHO? Myself, My older relatives, My cousins, and any future family members
WHAT? Photos will be organized finally and easy to access
WHERE? Shutterfly, Photo Albums, Storage containers, smartphone, scrapbooks
WHEN? Right now, I schedule Sundays as the day set aside to work on photos
WHY? Because I don’t want to keep putting this off before it’s too late, the elders of the family are getting older, 2020 has allotted me with lots of time on my hands so there’s no excuse, and before I start forgetting info

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