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Welcome to black girl happy planner! Planners, Organization, Fitness, and Fun

Who me? Organized? If you saw my place, you might think otherwise, but I try. You know: work, grocery shopping, tidying up, paying bills, remembering appointments and so on. Fortunately, No one person can get everything done at once but all we can do is create systems that help our days and weeks run more smoothly.

Welcome to black girl happy planner! I wanted to launch this new blog for several reasons. 1) I realized that with all that 2020 has presented to me so far, I needed to create a happy space to get through this, and 2) To help channel my recent obsession with planners! I hope to share new products, planner reviews, and random fun photos, articles I’ve run across, and activities going on in my life, especially my fitness, health and wellness journey.

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you will follow and continue to support black girl happy planner!

Sincerely, Kellea (ivywriter)

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